Nationwide Building Society【給國際學生活存2%利息的英國銀行開戶成功】

Remembrance Day as 11/11 in Britain and York 【英國美國也搞雙十一嗎?】

Heritage Status Locally Listed? Clan Cheng's Farmhouse of early 20th century Formosa 楊梅道東堂

British In Tamsui, northern Formosa

My Bits of Historic Trails of Tamsui's Foreign and Han Chinese quarters

Portico of Bolonga ITALY Added to UNESCO World Heritage【義大利波隆那拱廊道列入UNESCO世界文化遺產, 那台灣騎樓呢?】

NHK Documentary: Root of Tokyo, Edo, the City of Fire 江戶-火災之城 (NHK紀實)