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Restoration to a Han Chinese Temple? Crisis in Taoyuan Shankenchi Historic High Street. 台灣廟宇翻修輪迴下的文資災難現場-桃園三坑子老街永福宮

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Taipei's Luchou Lee Mansion - A Forbidden City in Taipei during Japan's Formosa 【蘆洲李宅】- 台版紫京城

A Farmhouse Built to Last: Luchou Lee Family Mansion (蘆洲李宅) in the west of Taipei city center is a rare farmhouse that posses the Imperial Palace quality of how it was laid and designed when it grew to this present size during the early days of Japanese Formosa. It was inscribed by the Home Office of Taiwan as a Grade III Listed Heritage in 1985 soon after Taiwan passed its first own Cultural Heritage Protection Act, and this became one of the first historic private homes in the country to gain such status as a national treasure. The cultural authority in the 1980's even devised new rule to bypass strong development demand in order to keep the entire mansion property intact from the threat of urbanization. There seems a secrete code of longevity and eternity for this lovely stately home to get hold on to the present day through a series of mindful designs that can go all the way back of how ancient capital cities of China laid their own.  Figure: Less decorated and humble looking o